5 Ways To Stay Motivated During Quarantine

July 24, 2020
SAC Tutoring

Sleep, eat, repeat. 

Quarantine has, quite literally, locked us down in a dangerous, yet oh-so-beautiful spiral of procrastination.

Fortunately, you’re not the only ones stuck in this endless spiral. 

We’re all in the same boat.

Instead, we’ve gone ahead, watched some YouTube videos of people being productive in quarantine, and went ahead to write this blog post.

Just to be productive.

Here are a few ideas that you guys can try out to make the time pass by quicker:

1. Bullet Journaling

Now, this hobby has the notion that only girls can pick up on this. 

But actually, it’s a great way for both girls and guys to express their ideas and boost creativity.

Bullet journaling usually comprises of using unique, funky, and mostly cursive hand lettering to make headers and titles. 

People who bullet journal also doodle and draw, even going as far as sketching realistic still-life portraits.

This is a useful hobby to pick up in this dull and dreary time, because the bright colors and ‘wow factor’ of putting your ideas on paper can lift up your mood and energy almost instantly.

It is also extremely helpful in staying organized, which is super important in a time in which our daily schedules are fractured.

Bullet journaling also requires patience, so it’s definitely great way to pass the time.

Don’t have a journal or calligraphy pens at hand? 

Try bullet journaling on your tablet!

YouTube videos and Instagram are great sources of inspo for bullet journaling. 

Check out #bulletjournalling or #calligraphy on Instagram for more!

2. Facetime

It’s easy to isolate yourself in the midst of all these rules and regulations. 

However, we can still help flatten the curve while communicating with our friends and family!

We live in a world where communication does not depend on face-to-face interaction, and so pulling out your phone or tablet in order to catch up with your mates is a good way to feel like you’re not a total hermit.

If your friends don’t contact you first, don’t be discouraged. 

Be the one to let your mates know that you have their backs, even when you’re apart.

This will not only keep yourself motivated, but it will uplift others.

A simple message or a simple call can be the highlight of anyone’s day.

3. Creative Studying

Studying is boring.

If you make it boring.

Online school can be super tedious and tiring if you’re just sitting behind the computer and typing the same old notes as everyone else.

Instead of resorting to the boring methods and struggling, why not lift up your note taking game by adding some color?

Color, texture, and dimension.

Sure, this may bring your back to primary school art class, but that makes it all the more interesting.

Research has shown that dull and plain notes don’t improve memory and content retention, but rather creative, colorful, and color-coded notes do.

Try creating bold and colorful headers to your topics, as well as diagrams and drawings that will help you remember the content.

Having aesthetically pleasing notes will also persuade you to go back to your books, resulting in a positive cycle of productivity!

Go on, give it a crack!

4. A Breath of Fresh Air

Simplicity is key. If doing intense workouts just isn’t for you, then take a step out of the house for some fresh air.

You’d be surprised at how meditative breathing actually is.

Staying cooped up inside actually reduces our intake of breath, so stepping outside into the backyard and soaking up some sun can be a great immune booster and energy lift.

If you’re finding that staying in the backyard is getting a little old, take it a step further by grabbing one person (remembering that there is a limit on how many people may leave the house for essential activities such as exercise) or a pet, and going for a walk around the block.

By the time you get back home, you’ll find that you’ve probably explored parts of your neighborhood you haven’t quite noticed yet.

It’s the little things that count.

5. Green Thumb

Did you know that spending time with a planet can help you wind down after a busy day?

Studies show that by simply touching a plant’s leaf for two minutes can reduce your stress levels, for those who are up to their necks in online school work.

Gardening may sound like something your grandparents would do, but come on, do it for the aesthetics!

Start off small, with something like: bamboo, cacti, or baby’s breath. 

These are all low maintenance plants that are easy to germinate, and all they need is water once a day.

This will serve as a good opportunity to get some fresh air, even if it’s for five minutes a day.

Go on, head out to your local supermarket on your next essentials run and by some seeds!