9 Must Have Study Tools

July 24, 2020
SAC Tutoring

It’s tricky to get your study groove on without the right tools.

It’s kinda like training to head into a boxing match, but you don’t have the gloves or punching bag.

To make the most out of your study time at home, during frees, or at the library, check out our must - have study tools so you can rest assured that you’ll be productive!

1. A Bottle of Water

Hydration keeps us going.

If you guys forget your daily H2O, you’re gonna find yourself parched in the middle of your study session.

Having a bottle of water (or bubble tea, if you really need to motivate yourself) will keep your brain active, and will actually keep your more alert and focused.

Don’t underestimate the power of H2O!

2. Glasses

They help us see.

Enough said.

For those who need glasses, but don’t really wear them, try and get into the habit of wearing them.

If we stare at our books for too long, eventually our vision will get blurry, and we won’t be able to absorb information.

If your eyes are supported throughout your study session, you won’t fall in and out of focus.

3. Highlighters

Bright colors have been proven world wide to be super helpful in helping us study.

Using a bunch of different colors in our notes will help your brain sort out information easily, and will give your memory a colourful boost.

It’ll also give you motivation to keep studying and will encourage you to look at your notes, which is also super helpful for those who love procrastinating.

For more on studying creatively, check out our Bullet Journalling post!

4. Several Blue/Black Pens

Calling all stationery lovers - this is your change to raid MUJI’s shelves for 0.5 gel pens!

Stock up on some good quality blue or black pens.

Find a brand that works best for you - they will be pens that glide smoothly and are nice and inky.

Everyone’s preferences are different, but once you find your perfect pen brand, you’re all set for your study sessions and exams!

Make sure they are working the night before exams - you don't want to be scrambling around and stressing on the day!

5. A Snack

There’s nothing wrong with a good ol’ snack…

…or two.

When it comes to studying, a light snack is super helpful in keeping you going.

Think: popcorn, carrots with dip, or rice crackers.

This is helpful because it keeps your tummy satisfied, and a satisfied tummy equals a well functioning brain!

6. Good Lighting

Bad lighting isn’t anyone’s best friend.

With the right lighting, we’ll be able to focus more effectively, and our brains will be more switched on.

In comparison, dark and poor lighting will make our brains go into sleep mode, and our motivation will drop down to the ground.

Make sure that wherever you’re studying either had really good natural light, or a nice and bright lamp.

7. A Proper Chair

When we say ‘proper chair’, we mean one that’s not so comfortable that you snooze.

We also don’t mean one that’s only got three working legs, while the other one is about to snap off.


We mean a firm, yet comfortable chair with a good neck rest and straight back where you can sit up straight and be alert.

With the right chair, paired with the right lighting, you’ll be smashing through your study session like a pro!

8. A Clean Table

It’s time to Spring Clean your desk!

That old note from your mate in class?

Get rid of it.

That bottle of water that’s been sitting there for two weeks?

Chuck it.

That used tissue from when you had a cold last week?

Yeah…throw it out!

The less clutter, the better.

You’ll have plenty of room to put your books and other essentials down, and your brain won’t be focusing on the bits and bobs floating around.

9. The Right Attitude

We can only get our head in the game if our head is in the right place.

It’s best to rewire our brains so that we have a more positive outlook.

Try this out: better a little suffering now, and a big reward later.

Just a tiny bit of pain in studying will amount in a positive outcome - the reward being your good grades!

Studying is only a chore if you make it a chore.

By using our tips, you’ll be sure to find some motivation in cramming and studying for your tests and exams!

Go ahead and give these tips and go, and if they work out for you, go ahead and share your pics with us and tag us in them!