Online Class Etiquette 101

July 24, 2020
SAC Tutoring

Come on, guys. We don’t need to be hearing you do your business in the middle of a class.

Zoom classes can be a bit tricky in terms of classroom etiquette.

The question goes: do we still need to act like we’re in an actual classroom?

Well, yes.

But no.

While it’s okay for you guys to crack open some snacks while you do your work, we’d like a heads up with a few things first.

Bathroom Pass

This is the most common question that tutors get throughout Zoom calls.

“Miss/Sir, can I go to the bathroom?”

Yes you may, but please - please, for the sake of all of us on the call, don’t bring us in there with you.

As soon as the tutor has granted you permission to go to the bathroom, kindly put your audio on mute and turn off your camera so that we don’t overhear anything that we shouldn’t.

It is absolutely fine for you to go to the bathroom during class.

After all, you’re in the comforts of your own home.

We do ask, however, that you guys only ask to go when classmates aren’t sharing answers in a class discussion.

The perfect time to head off for a bathroom break would be break time, or whenever your classmates have been assigned individual work.

Listening to Music

It’s tempting to listen to music when we’re in the comforts of our own homes. 

Many of us are kinaesthetic learners and actually require music in order to learn and retain information easier.

However, in a classroom environment, it is polite to pay your undivided attention to the tutor.

The tutor is not just there to teach you, but is your friend, and should be treated as such.

They are there to give you their undivided attention, so it is fair that they are given an equal and fair amount in return.

If your ears are just itching for music, there are some exceptions in the classroom, however.

If your tutor has sent you off to complete questions on your own, it is then acceptable to listen to music with earphones in.

But as soon as the tutor calls for your attention, the music pauses until you’re sent off once more to complete work on your own.

As soon as the Zoom call ends and you start on your homework, you can blast your music to your heart’s content.

Eating Food

An empty tummy does us no good.

The term ‘hangry’?

Yeah, that’s a thing.

Without proper sustenance, we lose focus.

Without focus, we become lethargic - tired.

Food is a great way to keep yourself going during class, whether it be in person or via Zoom call.

In person, it’s best to ask for the tutor’s permission, as different tutors have varying ground rules.

On a Zoom call, however, it is acceptable to whip out a packet of shapes or a bowl of fruit that your parents have cut for you.

Typically, healthier snacks such as sliced fruit or crackers with dip are preferable, and provide your brain with more fuel.

But if you’re really craving a pack of Cheezels or Hot Cheetos - go for it!

Just make sure that if you are eating on a Zoom call, that your mic isn’t picking up every single bite.

A bottle of water and a light snack is your best friend on a Zoom call