At SAC, we ensure our students are well prepared and equipped to do well throughout their school life.

We teach understanding to ensure you know all the basics in English and Math before diving into more difficult tasks.

The topics we cover are explored in increasing amounts of detail as you journey through school life with SAC.

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The content curated for the math study design focuses on the processes and applications of math formulas.

Each topic goes in depth by applying the knowledge to questions and work that enhances your understand beyond the standard.

Number Sense and Numeration

In this topic, we explore basic number functions.
Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division along with Place value, Fractions and Decimals.


Here we look at different units of measurement including length and volume. We explore how to convert measurements using multiplication and division.

Geometry and Spatial Sense

In this topic, we cover the determination of perimeter and area of 2D shapes. We use this in hand with measurement to explore different types of questions surrounding geometry.

Data Management and Probability

Data management refers to the formation and interpretation of data graphs and measures of spread.
In probability, we begin to look at the chance of an event occurring and how to calculate it.

Patterning and Algebra

We begin to explore simple algebra techniques in elementary school. Algebra is an important topic to master as it is heavily integrated in high school mathematics.
Knowing the basics well will prepare you for success.

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Our English study design is curated to ensure you are meeting all the requirements and beyond.
SAC Tutoring has a focus in applying your knowledge to practical skills and applications.

From grammar to reading, to being able to write all forms of writing pieces, and developing your oral communication skills, we have you covered in all topics and areas to ensure your success!

Grammar and Punctuation

Full stops, commas, quotation marks are all crucial elements in sentences. However, we don’t just teach you the basics, we provide the means to be able to properly and correctly apply them in your writing. 


Effective writing utilizes many of the skills that we teach in our content. We understand the foundations of good writing and how to enhance it so it becomes better! At SAC Tutoring we cover a variety of writing prompts and texts to explore them in-depth to understand the structure and fluency of great writing

Spelling and Vocabulary

Being able to properly pronounce and spell words, and using them in the right context can improve the flow of your writing. We don’t just focus on spelling or vocabulary separately, we incorporate these two together so you are given opportunities to enhance your abilities when reading and writing. 

Oral Communication

While most schools do not focus on presentation skills and verbal communication, SAC Tutoring does not miss the mark on this! We know how crucial it is to implement oral skills in our work, so we provide methods to develop one's ability to clearly present their message.

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