At SAC, we ensure our students are well prepared and equiped to do well throughout their school life.

We teach understanding to ensure you know all the basics in English and Math before diving into more difficult tasks.

The topics we cover are explored in increasing amounts of detail as you journey through school life with SAC.

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The content curated for the maths study design focuses on the processes and applications of math formulas.

Each topic goes in depth by applying the knowledge to questions and work that enhances your understand beyond the standard.

Numbers and Algebra

Take a further look into algebra with polynomials, rational expressions, creating equations to model questions, solve inequalities and equations by reasoning. In this area you will be developing on from the foundation areas of algebra to expand on the application tasks. 


The content prepared for this area is made for graphing and analyzing linear, quadratic, exponential models, along with trigonometric functions. These functions described are learnt in conjunction with utilizing a graphics calculator.


We begin to explore the ideas of congruence, similarity and right angle triangles, understanding the theorems of circles, and using geometric concepts in the process of modelling.

Statistics and Probability

The area of statistics considers numbers used in context. We will not only display data and summarize it, we will further look at examining and interpreting to make comparisons in regards to real-life actions in settings.


This incorporates the use of appropriate math and statistics, especially when exploring data and comparing the models to look for predictions. We provide you with real-world applications that explore the different uses of modelling in everyday contexts.

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Our English study design is curated to ensure you are meeting all the requirements and beyond.
SAC Tutoring has a focus in applying your knowledge to practical skills and applications.

From grammar to reading, to being able to write all forms of writing pieces, and developing your oral communication skills, we have you covered in all topics and areas to ensure your success!

Grammar and Punctuation

We have noticed that many of our student do struggle with using their tenses correctly. However, the tips and tricks we employ are made so that their grammar and punctuation is mistake-free and they can easily notice when they have used inverted or double commas incorrectly.

Structured Writing

Writing incorporates many of the skills in the chart, so we put emphasis on writing in our work. We don’t just concentrate on one text, we explore a plethora of novels, arguments and texts to enhance students understanding of a good structure of each form of writing.

Spelling and Vocabulary

Enhancing your spelling and vocabulary can mean the difference between an average piece of writing to a top-notch one. We develop your ability to utilize words that captivates attention and enhance the flow of your writing for fluency and expressiveness.

Oral Communication

Clear and concise language is necessary inside and out of the classroom. To be able to verbalize our message in a way that others can understand ensures we have successfully engaged their attention.

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